For degens, by degens

Bringing Compete-To-Earn Web3 game powered by deflationary REKT token


RektSkulls is a gamified ecosystem centered around the REKT token, which is exclusively generated through staking native NFT collection, strong burn mechanics, and varied utilities. The project aims to revolutionize the gamefi industry by introducing a compete-to-earn (C2E) model based on a subscription system.

Team with a strong crypto background is developing a multiplayer action RPG that uses the REKT token as its primary currency.

The C2E model avoids Ponzi-like P2E issues, such as the emission of tokens or any secondary currencies for rewards.


Native token

Not raising any funds: all NFTs, mechanics and services within RektSkulls ecosystem use our native REKT token

Constant demand

Gamified mechanics to support demand for NFTs and REKT token during whole project life span

Redistribution of royalties

Profits from secondary sales royalties are fully used to support token or reward holders


Variability of strategies, from active participation in events and mechanics, to passive income from staking

Extensive roadmap

One year+ roadmap with events and secondary NFT collection drops, all profits are distributed to events participants

Fair development

Clear project goals and milestones. We earn funds only if ecosystem is active and live


Genesis Skulls

  • 66 unique 1/1 animated PFPs
  • Minted on bi-weekly auctions with REKT token
  • Only source of obtaining Essences through staking
  • Owner of Genesis Skull will receive profit from Skull Fork mechanic


  • 10k max supply, 4 types, ERC-1155
  • Only source of obtaining REKT tokens through staking
  • Main building block of RektSkulls ecosystem
  • Requires to be burned in order to access and use ecosystem mechanics

REKT token

  • Limited supply deflationary token
  • Used to pay for all mechanics and systems in the RektSkulls ecosystem
  • Either burned or redistributed to holders when you pay with token for mechanics
  • Tax mechanic: 2.5% on transfer/buy/


Genesis Skulls

First 20 Genesis Skulls are distributed via auctions over 40 days, next 46 Genesis Skulls - over 46 weeks of bi-weekly auctions. REKT tokens from winning bid will be burned.

Winners receive unrevealed skulls, they will need to burn Essences in order to reveal skull and unlock its utilities.

GO to app ->

Genesis Skulls and Essences Staking

You can stake your revealed Genesis Skull to receive Essences as a staking reward. 7 days staking period, no lockup.

You can stake your Essences to receive REKT token. No lockup, rewards every block. Fixed daily emission with 20% drop every 3 month.

Go to App ->

Genesis Skull

Genesis Skulls' copies of different quality can be made by paying REKT token and burning essences. Genesis Skulls owners will receive a part of fork price as a reward.

Forked skull has same utilities as genesis skull, but can’t be forked.


Breaking of
the Grand Seal

Once every 3-4 months the community can participate in breaking of the Grand Seal event and release secondary NFT collection. Specific amount of Essences needs to be burned in order to break the seal and release collection. Every participant who burns essence will get pro-rational part of REKT tokens raised during secondary collection sale.



Just like every single pixel in a pixel art has its own purpose - we believe that every trait, asset, mechanic or product that we deliver - should be meaningfull, have a clear usecase and benefit our comunity and ecosystem.

We call it #nobullshit philosohy

Unlike other projects, that just bluntly raise money from their community and VCs in exchange of NFTs with abstract usecases - we are launching a ready-made ecosystem and will be benefiting from its activity, along with our community.


Stage 1


Distribution Genesis Skulls

66 Genesis Skulls will be distributed via bi-weekly auctions over the year

New utilities

New utilities, like skull forking, will be activated/released

Secondary collections drops

Secondary game-related collections will be released by Breaking of the Grand Seal event

Building brand

Building brand and strong community through ecosystem activities and additional complementary events

Stage 2


MMORPG development

Hire staff, start MMORPG development

New GameFi mechanics

GameFi mechanics will be integrated into the ecosystem to smoothen transactions between a blockchain ecosystem and the game-powered ecosystem

Further brand development

We will work on broad recognition of our brand and the project in the crypto space, increase our community strength and the amount of holders

Stage 3


Launch of MMORPG

MMORPG launch, ongoing game support and work on updates and expansions

Ecosystem transition

All mechanics and economy will be switched to game based

Brand expansion

Marketing activities will be conducted to attract users outside the crypto space


readydegen1.eth - founder and artist. Switched to crypto full time in 2017 after almost a decade as white collar at state company, dealing with international trade operations. Joined in 2019 as graphic designer and eventually led their design department up untill September 2022.
DeFi enthusiats, in love with NFTs since early 2021. Self proclaimed pixel-artist.

Blockchain development, frontend/backend, as well as tokenomics advisory, is done by Timeus Lab - Spain-based blockchain development company with a broad portfolio including GOV and corporate projects.