The native token is the key part of RektSkulls ecosystem, every product, service and mechanic within ecosystem is paid by $REKT token. It will also serve as a currency in the future game.

Maximum supply

Circulating supply

Burned 🔥

Daily emission from staking


Full token supply will be released through staking of Essences and liquidity providing.

We believe that allocating huge amounts of token to Team/Advisors/Ecosystem fund/etc. creates constant psyhological (and selling) pressure on token holders as well as artificially inflates FDV.

Instead of allocating big part of supply for ourselves - we will have token tax mechanic, that will provide funds flow from ecosystem activity.

Essences staking

80,000,000 REKT (80%)

LP staking

15,000,000 REKT (15%)

Game initial liquidity

5,000,000 REKT (5%)


Tax mechanic (it means that whenever you sell or move $REKT token - part of it will be taken as tax) is an essential part of the project, it provides funds inflow for development, team, marketing and other activities.

This is the only source of funds and this puts us in a position where we need to always support demand for the token.

Token buy/sell/transfer

2.5% tax fee

Ecosystem mechanics

0% tax fee


MMORPG development


Ongoing project needs




Staking program is designed for 2 years. It has the so called “halving” mechanic, when after certain period of time daily emission drops. In our case we have 20% rewards drop every 3 months.

When staking reward pool will be emptied after 2 years - we will activate in-game mechanics to keep filling reward pool and keep staking active as fundamental part of our ecosystem.

Token emission from staking.